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Bubble Wrap Suppliers Durban

Pack Now supplies Bubble Wrap in Durban. We stock a a wide range of different sizes and lengths. We sell bubble wrap to movers & companies. We offer company discounts for the purchase of more than 2x 100m x 1.25m rolls. You can purchase online or in-store through one of our friendly salesmen.

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Pack Now supplies the small bubble, bubble wrap. All our rolls are true 100 meters in length x 1.25m.  Below we supply the following lengths of bubble wrap:

  • 5m x 1.25m

  • 10m x 1.25m

  • 25m x 1.25m

  • 50m x 1.25m

  • 100m x 1.25m

  • 100m x 30cm

Our most popular lengths we provide to families moving are the 5,10 & 25m lengths.

Applications For Bubble Wrap:

  • Wrapping glasses & plates

  • Protecting art work over short periods of time

  • Tables & furniture

  • TV sets

  • Vases & pots

Bubble Wrap Suppliers Durban

For large commercial orders please visit