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Types & measurements of cardboard boxes

Types & measurements of cardboard boxes


1. Popular types of cardboard boxes

Regular Slotted Cardboard Box

Standard Regular Slotted Carton/Box – Regular 8 flapped boxes. When the regular slotted carton box is manufactured there is no special plate required to manufacture this box and is much cheaper than your diecut box below.


Die Cut Cardboard Box

Diecut boxes – A diecut box is a box that requires a cutting die Because of the round edges and often complex design these boxes require a cutting die to be manufactured before the box can be manufactured. Depending on the order a charge may be applied on a cutting die.


We are able to brand your boxes with high graphic litho laminated printing according to your specifications.

2. Cardboard Box Measurements

Measuring your box is simple, and always given as the internal dimensions of the box. The first measurement is always the longest side of the box know as the Length. The second measurement in the shorter side known as the width and finally the height of the box.  The width, length and height are presented in measuring units of mm :

Length x Width x Height mm