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Eco – Plastic Moving Boxes

Pack Now Hires out Plastic Container Boxes.


Most people have moved their homes or businesses using cardboard boxes that tend to be expensive and isn’t environmentally friendly.

We have now come up with an option that can save time, money and will not harm the environment.

For Just R10.00 per week your packing days will get shorter and easier!



Durable Reusable moving boxes are made of hard plastic and can take the strain of moving from one place to another.

Water resistant. One big issue, especially with all the expensive electronics that need to be moved, is keeping them safe from moisture.

Environmentally friendly. Reusable moving boxes are green and environmentally friendly since they are used over and over again.


Pack Now plastic boxes 150x150


Using plastic moving boxes can be an affordable alternative to buying cardboard boxes that are later discarded.

Here are some reasons why:


Durable Thick Lockable Plastic Box :

Hire for only R 10.00 per week.

No tape required and wasted time taping.

R120.00 For Delivery & Collection of Boxes in Durban.T&Cs apply.

Protect items in our hard plastic lockable boxes.

Each plastic box can be used over 70 times.

Double Wall Cardboard  Box:

R29.00 per box to be thrown away.

Seal each box on both ends wasting time.

Pay for delivery of your boxes.

Items can be easily damaged in cardboard boxes.

Trees are cut down to produce boxes.

Please call our sales team for stock availability on 031 563 2866 or alternatively send us an email to